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Clustering &


This is an important area of Church life that most people don't want to talk about because it often is raised due to a lack of sustainability or vitality, and often raised by people outside the group like denominational representatives. Also, there are many stories of failed clusters and mergers and that is usually what people remember. Like many things in life there is a risk of failure but it is often more about attitude and process than the structure. Its about looking at a new opportunity to be better together like 2 individuals entering into a marriage. Do you enter into the partnership looking for what you can get out of it or how you can enhance each other and be better together than apart. Of course there are some principles and options that enhance such a partnership. The key reason to do this is to be better at fulfilling God's mission 

If you are considering whether this is the right step for you and want to know what your options are contact Robert to discuss how you can explore the possibilities of being better together