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The Australian society is changing rapidly around us. Once we lived in a Christian culture with Christian values, so the church knew its place and relevance in that culture and how to live out its mission and ministry. Many church members and congregations now feel lost in our own society and are living with declining, aging congregations that are struggling to keep the doors open. Churches have members investing many hours and dollars in congregational life. Is that expenditure of precious resources yielding the results that it once did.

  • How can this investment be leveraged in the new environment for better kingdom outcomes?

  • How do we know if we are fulfilling God’s calling on our lives?

  • How do we thrive rather than just survive?


A church consultation is a proactive measure to ensure ongoing viability that utilises an outside facilitator who engages the congregation and its church council to assess its health, mission alignment and progress towards fulfilling God’s calling. Christian Coaching and Consulting services can deliver a report to the church council that includes the following tools and assessments:

  • A fresh look at Jesus’ plan for disciple making

  • Congregational self-study

  • Congregational workshops

  • Vitality and sustainability

  • Church life-cycle stage

  • Church health key indicators

  • Ministry & Mission Audit

  • Strategic plan review


From these assessments, strengths and concerns will be identified and some recommendations delivered for the next steps moving forward.

There are times in a churches life that other consultations may need to be considered. These can range from viability and strategic location assessments through to exploring options for clustering or consolidating the number of congregations in a geographical area.

Followup coaching is recommended to ensure the agreed action plan is implemented.

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