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Church Health & Vitality

The National Church Life Survey continues the world’s largest longitudinal study of church life, reaching 25 years in 2016.  If your church participated in the 2016 survey, you will have access to your results online. You and your team have an invaluable opportunity to see what the people of your church are telling you about what are:

  • the strengths of the congregation's health?

  • the strengths of the leadership?

  • the values  of the congregation?

  • the hopes of the congregation?


These results are great but have no impact if you don't engage them and work through the implications. Many leaders have not had the experience to facilitate this process or would prefer to have someone else facilitate so they can participate as part of the group or observe.

I have been facilitating NCLS in churches and assisting others since 1996, so I am well equipped to help you walk through any of the 3 planning approaches designed by NCLS.

Regional or City Wide Workshops

Another approach denominations or a group of churches together can engage the results is through regional or city wide workshops. This empowers the local minister/pastor with a couple of lay leaders to process the results so they are confident in working with their churches. 


NCD I started my Natural Church Development journey back in the mid nineties when I was planting a church in a new development area in South West Sydney. What attracted me so much as a church planter and leader was the expectation that I was responsible for growing the church was removed from my shoulders, that belonged to Jesus. My responsibility was to work with my team to create a healthy environment for God to go about his business. Wow! What a relief that was to me. So as we went about creating this healthy space for God to work, lives were changed forever.

What I soon realised that if there was not someone walking alongside of our team, the day to day activity of church life would easily distract us from working on the key quality characteristic we needed to develop as the next step of creating a healthier environment, or we would allow another area to slip to get it done. This coaching support made the difference for us and I saw others around me struggle without a coach so I signed up for coach training with NCD. Since then I have used NCD in my own congregations and helped others the coaching through understanding the process, and applying the results of their survey in their own context.

Church Church Vitality & Sustainability

There are several tools that I use to assess this aspect of church health to allow denominations and church councils a snapshot in time health report to allow for consideration about where to next for a congregation.

If you are considering reviewing your church health through NCLS or NCD or want to have a assessment contact Robert