Team Meeting



& Strategic


There are times that all leaders need help in this area whether its beyond your expertise, or when its just better for you to participate as part of the team, to journey with them. This is when an experienced facilitator can really enhance your ministry. 


Team Facilitation

Through facilitation the team can be engaged so everyone is heard and each participant can buy into the decisions that are made, even when there is difficult change involved. Often the answer to a challenge can emerge through thoughtful discussion and creative space.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is not as hard or as complicated as you think. Through a consultation that asks the right questions and identifies priorities, a Local Mission Action plan can be developed that breaks your goals into achievable steps with a timeline, budget allocations and who is responsible. Having said that, its this part of the journey that many churches don't engage in even after developing mission and values. Failure to plan will usually mean that there is drifting involved. That may be fun but it usually doesn't get you where you want to go.  

If you have goals without a plan to achieve them or need assistance with team facilitation, contact Robert to discuss your options