'Leadership is not an exclusive club for those that are "born with it." The traits that are the raw materials of leadership can be acquired' John Maxwell

Many people find themselves in leadership roles that don't think they are leaders. This is especially true of people called into full time ministry. To find yourself in this position can be threatening, with a choice to either learn to be a leader or deny yourself and the organisation you should be leading from achieving what you and they have been called to do.

Leadership starts with leading yourself before you lead others. A key part of this is identifying your key roles, both personal and ministry and working out  a healthy balance. You get 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and how you use that time is up to you, just like everyone else. In ministry, like many other demanding roles that are not defined by a set work routine, often there is a struggle between balancing your defined roles and the demands people place upon you. Sometimes it even gets to a place when an area of your life begins to suffer like family life, your personal spiritual time, health and well being, and sometimes even the things you are passionate about in ministry. Working through the Roles, Work/Life Balance framework I coach through you explore:

  • What are your key roles

  • What priorities do you currently give them

  • What adjustments would you like to make

  • Develop strategies to bring the balance that is right for you

  • Identify tools to help implement the strategies

  • Develop an accountability framework

The next reality is that many leaders get stuck leading at a certain level becoming a lid to your organisation.

For these realities, coaching plays a key role in unlocking the potential leadership within you that people are looking for whether they realise it or not. There are some excellent tools that can help in this area to raise awareness and learn new skills that will become embedded into the way you lead those that have been entrusted to you. These tools will develop and nurture you as you strive to achieve astounding things with the team you are developing:

  • Focusing your personal calling reviewing your timeline, identifying mentors and developing a personal mission statement

  • Developing your leadership by understanding different types and levels of leadership and developing those around you

  • Exploring the 5 practices of Exemplary Leadership - Modelling, Inspiring, Challenging, Enabling and Encouraging based on The Leadership Challenge - Kouzes & Posner

  • Raising up new leaders

  • Key roles

  • Work/life balance

  • Capturing Vision

  • TRAC personalised development and growth-plan (coming soon)

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