Business Team

Ministry Implementation

Why do many new ideas fail to get off the ground? Is it the idea? Is it the plan?

Maybe, but whether its in business, in ministry or on your personal journey, its in the implementation that new things fail to realise their potential


Most visions, new strategies, or renewal plans fail in the implementation stage. You get an idea, get some support and in no time you hit speed bumps or even worse barriers that impede your progress. Eventually things break down and people move on or jump on board the next new thing or worse still, people become fatigued by failure and give up all together.

Through coaching I can help you and your team take a step back and identify the speed bumps and barriers when or even before they happen and through developing awareness, identify options to overcome the obstacles. As a coach, I can help you and your team develop a solid plan of action.  The plan would identify the costs, potential conflicts in strategy and the people that need to be engaged to implement your great idea. I will help you stay on track with key accountability check points to monitor progress and keep your implementation project on track.

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