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Church have lifeicyles like every other living thing Where is your church in its life-cycle

The latest census statistics tell us that we no longer live in a Christian society in Australia. Its not really due to immigration from mostly non christian countries that have created this change, but an increasing secularisation of Christians and many walking away from religion altogether. Less than 1 in 7 who say they identify with Christianity and less than 10% of Australians attend church on any regular basis, so what has changed:

  • 47% of Australians say Church is Irrelevant to their life

  • 26% don't accept how its taught

  • 24% say the style of church is outdated

  • 22% have issues with clergy/ministers

  • 19% don't believe the bible

  • 18% are too busy to attend

Source: McCrindle Research


The result of this change has been many of our churches are in decline and those who still attend are ageing.  This exaggerates the feeling of disconnect with the community and reduces the capacity of congregations to turn things around leading to church closures around the country.

Creating a new life-cycle can reverse the decline by refocusing your congregations energy where it makes a difference. To move from control to empowerment 

If your church wants to explore the possibilities of staying engaged with contemporary society with the life transforming Gospel that never changes contact Robert to discuss a unique combination of processes that can help bring your faith community into a new phase of vitality as part of the body of Christ.