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New Ministers Mentoring

So you've been to Bible college and hey, you can speak Greek, but now you are faced with the opportunity to get out and start changing the world.


Your first years in ministry will shape you and create habits, good and bad that will remain with you.  The good ones over hopefully many years of fruitful ministry, fulfilling the calling God has place on you. There are many things to learn and develop to equip you now you are out there doing it. There are routines to establish, roles to balance, and often more study to complete. Having a skilled mentor journey with you through these formative years will help develop you and create an environment where your calling will be affirmed and your future ministry can become fruitful. This mentoring process will respond to your specific needs with some common areas being:

  • Preaching

  • Time Management

  • Work/Life Balance - learning to juggle your roles

  • Leadership development

  • Ongoing spiritual formation

  • Pastoral care

  • Developing culture in church life

  • Being a disciple maker

  • Being a leadership developer

  • Creating mission alignment


The key factor here is that you and God set the agenda as we meet usually monthly where key principles can be learned, resources can be recommended and then applied to your ministry context through coaching. I currently combine mentoring with ministry supervision for some clients. 

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