Influencing Others

Continuing on with the book The Noticer one of the things I have had to think hard about is how important is it what others think about me. The answer to this question is often linked to your level of self esteem - the lower it is the more importance you place on what others think of you and vica versa. My personal self esteem is usually pretty high and as a leader I try not to take what others think of me too personally because their opinion is often not about you personally but the impact of your leadership decisions on their personal comfort or preferences.

Leaders have to make the right choices for the right reasons, correct!!!

However, our main character in the book shook this assumption in me. If I want to influence others then maybe what they think about you might count for something. Pretty obvious!!!

Does this mean I need to change myself to suit other people's expectation? You can't be a leader and a people pleaser at the same time, nothing would get done to move what your leading forward. Isn't the most important person to please God because he made you and has a purpose for you. Yes.

So back to this question about considering what others think about you.

Jones, our main character in the book asked the question, "What is it about me that other people would change if they could?"

Remember, its not our job to change people, that's God's job. We ask ourselves the question.

The question also isnt what would I change about myself, its what would others change about me if they could. Now that's a hard question to be real about but if I you can't answer it then you are limiting yourself and therefore limiting what you are leading.

The trick is to make the changes and still be authentic to yourself.

Stuff to Think About

"What is it about me that other people would change if they could?"

Try and make a list of ten things that would help you make better connections with people. Which one do you think they would change first?

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