Five Seagulls

Change is not easy, if it was then everyone would enjoy it instead of run from it. Yet change is part of a leaders journey and it starts with the leader first like most things.

In Chapter 7 of The Noticer Jones comes across a leader that is making a mess of things both personally and in his business. After the familiar, after several different encounters, change of perspective this leader makes a resolution to change. How many times have you done that, I can't count the number of times I have decided to change.

Jones asks this leader that has decided to change his ways a question but prefaced it with:

" complete the change in all areas of your life, you will need to understand the answer. Are you ready."

"Five seagulls are sitting on a dock. One of them decides to fly away. How many seagulls are left?"

What is your answer? Most people think its quite obvious.

Four of course.

"No, Jones responded, there are still five. Deciding to fly away and actually flying away are two very different things."

This reminds me of a trip to Canberra I took to the Street Machine Nationals before they changed to January and became the Summernats. There was a really nice smooth FC Holden with beautiful paint job and subtly warmed up enough to make driving interesting but still subtle in its presentation. The owner must have had a reputation for lack of followup with his ideas and decisions because in small writing on the bootlid corner was a great comeback for his mates "Gonna's Done It"

Stuff to Think About

Are you a Gonna? How many times have you decided to change something that will make a difference?

What have you got in the "I need to do folder" that you need to just flap your wings and fly from the dock?

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