Some denominations and organisations require professional supervision for people in certain roles to assist in maintaining boundaries of relationships and the quality of ministry including competencies, time management, goals, priorities, particular relationships, and any difficulties arising in the course of ministry.

In these sessions, there is time to reflect on:

  • Self care

  • Self Awareness in ministry engagement

  • Balancing ministry outcomes

  • Critical incidents and conflicts that are encountered

  • Work, family and personal boundaries

  • Effectiveness of personal ministry

  • Identifying key areas of future development


These sessions are confidential with no reporting back to the organisation that requires the session to happen. The exception is any breaches of workplace conduct that has mandatory reporting as discussed when establishing the supervision contract. As a member of ICF these sessions are conducted under their code of ethics.

I am currently an approved supervisor in the 2 Brisbane Presbyteries of the Uniting Church

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