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Workshops & Training

I often get asked, how can I find the time to prepare and deliver training with everything else I have going on? The good news is you don't have to go it alone. Below I have listed some of the training packages I have used successfully in my own ministry that in can facilitate for your church. I am also happy to develop some for your unique situation.

Becoming a Leader

A seminar introducing the concept of leadership to potential or existing team leaders. It is especially helpful for people that find themselves in a leadership role but don't consider themselves as a leader. Over 3 sessions participants will explore:

  • Why leadership?

  • What does leadership look like?

  • How are you leading?

  • Developing the leaders around you - optional 4th session

Presentation & supporting written materials available in Traditional Chinese for bilingual presentation with a translator


Becoming a Contagious Church

This series of workshops works through key elements required to transition to an outward focused congregation through a learning/reflection/action process. Topics include:

  • Lost people matter to God,

  • Characteristics of Contagious Churches,

  • Four Mission Fields,

  • The journey of Faith,

  • Living a Contagious Life,

  • Preparing your Church,

  • Evangelism Strategies,

  • Alignment of Church ministries

This series of workshops is available in two formats

  • 2 day retreat designed for ministers and pastors

  • 2 1/2 day workshops for Church Councils & Ministry Team leaders

The first edition was written for The Salvation Army context, the presentation & supporting written materials are available in Traditional Chinese for bilingual presentation with Salvo terminology in both formats allowing extra time for translation. 


Capturing God's Vision

This is usually done as a day retreat that includes both personal and group reflection and can be utilised by the church leadership team as a whole  or for individual teams seeking to clarify the vision for their ministry within the context of the Church's vision.


In preparation for this retreat several processes are needed to understand the community context, who are the people in your ministry and reading through the book of Nehemiah.

Church Life Cycle Workshop

This workshop is ideal for church councils and leadership teams to assess its current situation before addressing the what's next question. Utilising an adaption of of Bullard's Life Cycle Concept the group will explore what drives a church life cycle from birth, why it declines and how to restart a church life-cycle for revitalisation. Utilising an assessment tool the group then assesses its own placement of the life-cycle and discusses next steps to respond. This is a half to full day workshop mainly for church councils and leadership teams.  


Conflict Resolution Team Workshop

Teach your team how to resolve conflicts in their ministry contexts. This workshop includes 5 interactive sessions of  approximately one hour each that include reflection on personal experiences, Biblical perspectives, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model, reviewing case studies and applying the model before developing a conflict covenant for your team.


Focused Living

Based on a resource by Terry Walling, leaders journey through a reflection action process to develop strategic focus in their life and ministry.  Focus is obtained by examining their  past through developing a personal timeline, clarifying their future that culminates in a personal mission statement and then identifying resources that enable future growth and effectiveness. This is usually done over a weekend retreat with an alternate format of 3 half day sessions. Ideally this would then be supported by ongoing coaching for key leaders.

Network- The Right People in the Right Places for the Right Reasons

Network, a course for discovering spiritual gifts and empowering people for ministry. This material, helps churches appropriately guide people to the place of ministry that best reflects who they are. Churches will see increased participation, greater effectiveness, more enthusiasm, and less burn-out in their congregation. Participants will be assessed on their personal style, spiritual passion, and gifts. The six Network sessions can be presented successfully in three flexible formats: three sessions of two hours each; six sessions of 1 hour each; or one- two- or three-day retreats.

I recommend Network as I goes beyond teaching to implementing a system of ministry mobilisation in your church

Raising up New Leaders

If you want to keep your ministry increasing its capacity and multiplying you need to develop a leadership pipeline.

This workshop will help you start to identify and apprentice new leaders as you go about your day to day ministry. Designed as a weekend retreat for ministry team leaders with alternate formats available

If you need assistance with workshops and training for your church contact Robert to discuss your options